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Tina Marie

Tina Marie is a Money Mindset and Success Coach. Also known as, The Numbers Ninja, her background is in restaurants and accounting (both over 10 yrs. experience!). She’s studying NLP, hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy to help her clients align their money goals with their mindset. She helps her clients realize their potential for impact with clarity and focus. Her goal is to provide her clients the tools, confidence, and skills to elevate themselves, their mindset, and continue to contribute to their community (wherever that may be).


The Profit Academy coming soon.

July 2018.


Check out upcoming local workshops, online masterclasses, and my annual summit in the Events page.

Work with Tina Marie to get your money back on track with a 1:1 coaching program, intensives, and VIP days.


Hear what others are saying about working with me.

Masha Evpak

"The hour I spent with Tina was incredibly helpful! She really seemed to understand what I'm trying to do with my business and helped me define my niche. I left the conversation feeling really validated that my business idea will work and that it's worth pursuing, which is such a valuable feeling!

Kelley Robbins

"I just want to say thank you so much for taking your time to talk with me yesterday. I got a lot our of our session! You do such a great job with really getting to the heart of the matter and getting thoughts on paper!"

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