Welcome! I’m Tina Marie, the Founder of Profit Project

Entrepreneurship is hard, being a multi-passionate millennial is even harder.

I totally get it.

Working 50-60 plus hours just to make ends meet.

Wanting to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

I’ve worked multiple jobs before to pay for school and the bills, realizing only that a Bachelor’s degree alone wasn’t going to give me the means for the life I wanted to live.

I’ve worked both in the restaurant/bar industry and the accounting field for over 10 years each.

I take my years of experience, struggles, and education to help you achieve a profitable life.

Let’s build your purpose into a legacy.

My Story

The Dream

I’ve spent over ten years working in the nonprofit sector, local small businesses and corporations in every capacity you could think of. Human Resources, payroll, administrative, customer service, sales and managing & hiring teams. I’m a serial entrepreneur (also running a local baked goods business) all the while on the board of local nonprofit for young professionals.

After working for so many others, learning the best practices…and worst practices, I realized I wouldn’t be able to help business at the impact I wanted as long as I stayed an employee.

This is more than another business. This is me sharing my lessons in entrepreneurship (mistakes I’ve made and watch others make) to help others build their dreams into reality and keep it.

I help create jobs.

I help you build a sustainable business all the while not stifling your creativity. You continue to work and hone your strengths, while we build a business foundation and team to support you by

  • gaining clarity on your calling
  • building the basic foundation for a successful & profitable life & business
  • CEO mindset & leadership training
  • Build a business blueprint tailored to you and your lifestyle
  • Making more money and help you keep more of it

Who’s ready for more free time, sanity, and money?