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I’m Tina Marie!

I’ve been coaching since 2016 but started out as a Business Finance Coach, after leaving my bookkeeping business. You see, I wanted to help as many business owners keep their doors open because I kept seeing the same mistakes happen over and over again!

Yet, I couldn’t get myself to show up and create content, ask for the sale, or even price what I was worth. I was ALWAYS stressed out about how to make money to keep it afloat and felt like a complete fraud. How can I coach other people if I can’t even do it?


I could tell you how to handle your money, streamline your business, give you advice on tools, but what I was missing and noticed in my clients was…MINDSET.

I went on to learn as much as I could from successful millionaires and business owners, studied NLP, Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and enrolled in coaching school to better serve my clients.

Since then, I’ve transformed my relationship with myself, my money, and my business and help other entrepreneurs to do so too!

The Profit Project was originally about keeping as many businesses open as possible but now it’s mission has grown to helping people create a profitable LIFE!


How to Work with Me



Monthly Trainings/Workshops, tools, and resources to grow your business and yourself.



If you’re in Tucson, be sure to catch one of my monthly workshops who’s proceeds go to benefit female entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods.



Strategic Coaching Sessions, Profit by Design for Entrepreneurs group coaching program, VIP Intensive Days and more.

© Tora Carter Media

© Tora Carter Media

Tina Marie | mindset & success coach

Tina Marie is a Mindset and Success Coach. Also known as, The Numbers Ninja, she’s spent 12+ years in both the restaurant/bar industry and accounting world. She is currently studying at the Goal Imagery Institute© for her PCC coaching credentialing.

She helps her clients empower themselves and take action with clarity and focus by creating a safe space and tools to gain confidence. Her goal is to provide her clients the tools, confidence, and skills to elevate themselves, their mindset, and continue to contribute to their community (wherever that may be).