5 Reasons I Migrated to Dubsado

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Since I started coaching three years ago, I had a hodge-podge system in the client on-boarding process. It was frustrating to have clients download contracts, sign and have to upload and email them back. I also didn’t like having everything in Dropbox. I checked out systems like Satori and even 17hats but it didn’t quite have all what I needed.

I’ve been in a couple of Facebook groups and Dubsado was something new I heard about last year. There was such an overwhelming positive response to it that I had to check it out.

I LOVE THE FACT they have an indefinite free trial of 3 clients. This to me sold me in trying it. This is great for service providers to try their product through the cycle of a client or project. It was great thinking to snag people who are starting out and may need to keep expenses low as they are building.

While Dubsado has a TON of great features, these are what sold me in signing up.

1. Client Portal

This was the biggest feature that had me sold. I loved that everything is automated! You can keep all communication and important documents within their client portal. The site is mobile friendly too, so that was a double bonus for me.

You can learn more about their client portal here.

2. Workflows

I’m all for simplifying my work processes and procedures.

Dubsado has something called a workflow. You can automate sending the invoice, contract, and a scheduling link all within Dubsado. You can set up the flow any way that works best for you. You can set different workflows for different services as well.

This is a sample workflow I created.

This is a sample workflow I created.

3. Scheduler & Calendar Sync

Okay I’ve been using Calendly and still love it. But, I love that for clients I can keep everything in one space. Clients can even schedule their next session within their portal. I believe this is one of their newer features that got rolled out in the past 6 months.

I love that I can sync my Google calendar with their system, so I don’t overbook! Everything gets updated in my calendar as well!

4. Forms

I love that I can send contracts and questionnaires via Dubsado. My clients can sign electronically. They'll also have access within their client portal. I’ll have access to the my forms list to see who finished what and be able to review before a session.

They also have a template library for anything you might need. They have different templates for photographers, coaches, florists, social media managers and more.

snapshot of the template library

snapshot of the template library

5. Branding

All your documents, client portal, etc. can be customized with your branding: logos, colors and all. You can even customize your domain with your Dubsado account to have your client portal send to portal.yourdomain.com. There is also a way to add the portal to your site via html code, which is what I’ll be doing with my site.

This helps to keep your brand cohesive and professional. FTW!

These are a few features that really sold me in signing up. They have others like their own basic accounting system, send invoices, and so much more. Now will this work for everyone, maybe not, but it definitely fits my needs.

Curious to Try it or Want it?

If you want to try the the free 3 client trial, click the link below. If you’re ready to take the leap, use my code: profitproject20 to get 20% off, even when they have a sale price!