You're working jobs you’re unhappy at just so you can pay the bills and invest in your business but your bank account still reads $3.14.


I totally get it because I’ve been there.


Gain confidence because you’ve connected with your inner CEO.


You’ve never been more clear on what you want and what to do. Making action taking a breeze.


Email notifications of payments. Clients reaching out to you ready to pay.

Swipe that card with no worries.


Next Level anyone?

You’ve graduated from wantrepreneur to CEO.

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Masha evpak | Bold Adulting

“The hour I spent with Tina was incredibly helpful! She really seemed to understand what I'm trying to do with my business and helped me define my niche. I left the conversation feeling really validated that my business idea will work and that it's worth pursuing, which is such a valuable feeling!”

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.
— - International Coaching Federation
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  • Shave off months and maybe years from inaction due to fear

  • save money on courses/programs you don’t need because you’ve gained clarity and focus.

  • Gain clients/customers that pay because they resonate with you.


1 Session


3 Sessions


2 Sessions 


© Tora Carter Media

© Tora Carter Media

Tina Marie | Mindset & Success Coach

Tina Marie is a Mindset and Success Coach. Also known as, The Numbers Ninja, she’s spent 12+ years in both the restaurant/bar industry and accounting world. Tina Marie studied Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. She is currently studying NLP (neurolinguistic programing), positive psychology, and coaching skills at the Goal Imagery Institute© for her PCC coaching credentialing.

She helps her clients empower themselves and take action with clarity and focus by creating a safe space and tools to gain confidence. Her goal is to provide her clients the tools, confidence, and skills to elevate themselves, their mindset, and continue to contribute to their community (wherever that may be).